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Application for international students

Apply for a Bachelor's or Combined Bachelor's and Master's courses at Drug Science and Technology Department of the University of Torino

Pharmacy and Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies (Combined Bachelor and Master -300 ECTS) have a local restricted number of places.

To enroll in these courses, candidates have to sit an entry test, which usually takes place in September. In order to sit the  test,  pre-enrolment is required. The call with detailed description of the procedure of registration to the test  will be published in July.

Teaching program of Drug Science and Technology Department includes:

    *  Combined Bachelor and Master -300 ECTS in Pharmacy (Farmacia):
this degree course trains health professionals that will work as a pharmacist (Chemist) in community and  hospital pharmacies, as stated by EC directive 2001/19/EC (Italian Law 277/2003). Pharmacy Graduates will also acquire the knowledge on drug  manufacturing and monitoring health products.

   *    Combined Bachelor and Master -300 ECTS in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical
Technology (CTF):
the objective of this degree is to train a health professional that will be able to work in the pharmaceutical industry having achieved the multidisciplinary scientific and technological expertise. Knowledge will include structural design of drugs, manufacturing and  control consistently with the rules and regulations of European Pharmacopea. Graduates will also cover the directive 2001/19/EC
(Italian law 277/2003) which governs the profession of Pharmacists in Europe.

   *   A first cycle three year Degree in Herbal Products -180 ECTS: 
this course offers theory and practical knowledge in the field of herbal products. The course focuses on plant based drugs, active  ingredients contained in drugs, their use and stability, and production techniques. In addition students will be able to perform quality control tests, and will be aware of deontological rules and legislation which apply to various aspects of their profession.

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